Saturday 14 February 2015

Resolve: An intimate survey of work

Resolve: An intimate survey of work, Edward Barber, Danielle Inga, © Concrete Editions, Lauren Blanchard, Garry Breeze, self-employment, freelancing, small businesses,social inequality, working wage, zero hours, living wage, minimum wage

RESOLVE: An intimate survey of work
A photo book by Edward Barber & Danielle Inga

Resolve: An intimate survey of work is a photographic study of a wider, burgeoning, social movement, acknowledging and celebrating a highly significant yet almost invisible workforce - the small businesses, freelancers, contractors, consultants, artists and artisans. Individuals are linked through their own personal sense of resolve to persist and remain tenacious in their chosen field.

This is not a set of famous faces or media personalities, nor a freak show collection of socially marginalised people. It is not an exhaustive survey, but an opportunity to start a dialogue about the nature of work in the twenty first century.

Resolve sends a clear message, an intent beyond words captured through a highly engaged and focused gaze. Forty intimate portraits, taken in carefully selected locations with staging, performance and styling interventions kept to an absolute minimum. A low-impact and respectful approach, using colour film and available light. Sitters have dressed to suit themselves, dressed for work – presenting themselves as they want to be seen.

Softcover with dust jacket
96pp   210mm x 270mm
40 colour plates plus two essays

Edition of 500

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